Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Another Christmas...I realized after uploading some pictures that I am way too busy to take pictures. I only took a handful. I was too busy enjoying the morning sit behind the camera. But I did get a few just to capture the memories.

I wanted to share just a little about what the Lord has shown me the past month especially during the holiday season. It's very hard to be 3000 miles away from family and friends in Maine during this time of the year. I'll be honest, it's not easy. My heart gets very heavy. BUT unlike the last two Christmases here in Washington God was not going to allow me to wallow in self pity. This year I think was the hardest on me personally because it all seemed very natural to be here, not there, and I didn't like that.

The message of Christmas remains the same where ever you are. And when you take away the lights, the tree, the gifts, the food, and even family the message of Jesus is,simply Jesus. The Creator of the Universe coming to earth as a baby, born to live a perfect life, to die for my (your sins) and to rise again to give us the promise of eternal life and the hope that He will return again!

God has not brought our family to Washington to be homesick, but rather to bring us all into a closer relationship with Him and to use us, despite us. He has filled our lives with amazing people who love us and whom we love. I am thankful for our family and friends in Maine who despite the 3000 miles and the years that now separate us, still invite us into their lives. I personally am humbled by it all.

The Lord has taught me that it's OK to have a homesick heart, it's OK to miss family and friends, it's even OK to cry about it....but through it all to choose JOY! Through it all I can rejoice because "Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given and His name shall be called Emmanuel," He is certainly with us. It's not always easy to choose joy, but it's a lesson and a discipline that I desire in my life, because in Jesus there is more reason for JOY, than any state of the heart. This doesn't mean I run away with a huge smile and jolly laugh all the time, but it does mean that in the quiet and in the stillness I can choose joy and I am content with that.

I love the way the tree looks right before Peter and I turn in for the night on Christmas Eve. All the lights, the pretty packages. It's just lovely.
Peter is so high tech...he never uses a paper Bible any more. He's reading the Christmas story to the kids on his phone.
Another year about the puppies for Hannah. She LOVES her dalmatian she got last year , this year she got a BIG one. Her favorite show right now is Kipper...she got her very own Kipper. (on top of the big puppy)
They are not messing around opening their gifts.
The boys BIG gift this year ...Android Tablets. They were so excited.
Another one of Hannah's favorite gifts this year was a recordable version of Hannah's favorite book "Good Night Moon" read by Grammie
"Oh the moon" she said
We had to read it right away
We headed to church...Elijah sang with the kids about the 12 days of Christmas "Jesus Style"

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