Monday, January 26, 2009

Amy's Baby Shower

Amy is about to have her second little blessing in March, so you know what that means? Baby shower time. We had a blast at the shower. Here are a few pictures

Pam, Sara,and Stephanie filling out the "How well do you know the Mommy to be"

Kimmy and Nicole....yumm cheesecake!

Pam, Stephanie, Angela and Tab trying to figure out what baby items spell out "baby shower"

Amy and I

Here's the little bags that spelled out "baby shower"
Kimmy, Nicole, Sarah, and Pam guessing the best they can.

Kendil and Erica talking about something frightening, apparently!

Alyene, Sandra, Abby, and Bekah working as a team!

Amy opening a mass quantity of gifts...lots of diapers and wipes!

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