Thursday, January 29, 2009

"and now it's time for having fun at school"

My boys love to watch Sid the Science Kid on PBS. The little boy sings a song (I am trying to get Isaiah to let me film him singing it but so far no luck) The little song goes like this:

I love my Mom
My Mom is cool
And now it's time
for having fun
at school.

We sing it allot and I've made up my own verse to sing back to them when they sing the first part

I love my kids
they are so sweet.
and they know that
learning is
a treat!
Isaiah finishing a writing assignment about his favorite place. He choose Boston. It must have made an impression on him when we went over the summer!

Elijah is working in his new handwriting without tears workbook. (note the spiderman costume) He loves the wooden blocks.
Isaiah has been learning about measurements in Math this week. So today he had to read a recipe and measure out all the ingredients himself. I didn't help him measure one bit. I did help mix, but the rest was all Isaiah. Elijah had the job of dumping the measured ingredients into the bowl.
Elijah looks like he is going to eat the dough here. But Isaiah spooned out all the cookies himself.
Here is the finished product. 2 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! (which the smell I might add was not pleasant to me at all)
And what better fun for gym class than playing out int he snow. The snow plow made some serious snow mounds for the boys. They loved it!

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