Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Edible Science, need I say more!

We have started a new unit in science this week, our amazing bodies! I must say although I am a bit squeamish when it comes blood and guts I am fascinated by what a well designed machine we are. God is so into details. Totally off the topic of what we studied today but I was reading in the Creation Institute magazine about ear wax. It's actually pretty amazing and beneficial that we have ear wax. I am constantly digging out the q-tip to clean out the boys ears, but I will think twice next time because ear wax is good for us. It not only can prevent bacteria and dirt to getting into our most delicate inner ear but it also can break down any nastiness that might sneak by. Pretty amazing that without ear wax we could all be deaf!

Anyway we've been learning about our digestive systems. We learned of the path food from when it enters our mouths until it leaves our bodies. We learned about how our stomachs have enzymes that help break down food. So the experiment was to make two bowls of jello and in one bowl put slices of kiwi, because kiwi contains enzymes. We put them aside to set and 2 hours later we could see that the kiwi bowl the jello was broken down. The other jello bowl had set up very firmly.

You can see around the kiwi the jello is broken down and wasn't allowed to firm up.

We love science!

And hello we get to eat it too! Awesome!


sarasusen said...

Ummm... Elijah looks a little unsure about his spoonful in the bottom picture! Very god idea though. I am definitely going to do science second semester with the kids, just a little undecided on what to do. A study of the human body might be very fun though..... any recommendations?

Bethany said...

Elijah isn't a big jello fan! LOL

It'sSteph said...

Aw man- I love cleaning my ears and the kids' too! I get some weird joy out of it. Oh well... nifty science project. Love homeschool!