Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Hike

We love to take hikes. We are very blessed to live in an area where a beautiful hike is but a second away. Yesterday was a perfect day to get out and get in our first hike. This is "trout ridge trail" The boys were so funny because they didn't stop talking the whole time. It's amazing the conversations you can have with your kids when you have no distractions. Elijah is completely obsessed with bees right now so we must of fielded a dozen or more questions about them. Isaiah and I were having conversation about "genes" and wondering who between Peter and I carries a gene for long legs. Isaiah has very long legs and neither Peter or I do. So the conversation ended and all of a sudden Isaiah asked me "so how long did I stay in the machine to make me who I am?" I had no idea what he was talking about. He said " you said I was inside a machine" I still couldn't understand him. Then I figured out ...I said we have genes inside us that tell us what we will look like...he must of heard "machine" instead of gene. It was really funny!

That's East Mushquash, the lake right by our house.
Elijah got a good workout. Once we got home he crashed.

The three Pellerin men leading the way!

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