Friday, April 24, 2009

Friends and Sunshine and Ice Cream

The boys and I spent the afternoon with our good friends that we've know for years now. It wasn't a good bye visit but as things get busy on our end it might turn out to be that way. We had such a fun day.

With such a beautiful day of course there had to be ice cream. Elijah followed a little boy who had the "orange" ice cream to find out what flavor because that's what he wanted. It was orange sherbet. From left to right Isaiah, Elijah, Ethan and Emma (Lisa, Isaac and I not pictured =) )

The kids jumping off the playground. I took a lot of pictures of them jumping!

Isaiah and Emma have been friends since diapers! They have grown so much!

Elijah wearing his lunch on his face!

Our kids have always gotten along so well and always enjoy their time together. It is making me a little teary eyed to imagine not having our visits.

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sarasusen said...

PUNK!!! I didn't know you were in Lincoln! We went to the playground too.... wish we could have hung out as well. Glad you had a nice day with Lisa though- her kids are so cute!