Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a...

I had my 18 week ultrasound today. I knew before we went that this little one was VERY active, more so than the two boys were, so I wasn't sure if we'd get a peak or not. And I was right! This little baby was all over the place. It was easy for the technician to get all the measurements of all the important parts because the baby was showing us all sides, and angles. The only problem for us was when it was time to get a good look to see if it a girl or a boy, they were very wiggly. Eventually we got a a pretty good shot and there wasn't much to see....the technician boasted" it's a girl." But I wasn't so sure. We sat there for about a half hour waiting for a little boy part to make an never did! At one point she literally put her hand in between her was really funny. She was so active it was hard to get a really good shot of her, but this first one is her little foot and the next one her looking right at us. The boys are excited! The were totally fascinated to see the baby waving at them and doing somersaults. I was so glad I brought them with me to see there little sister for the first time!

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