Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daybook March 2 WOW March

For Today....seemed like a Monday not a Tuesday

Outside my window....a little bit of sun a little bit of clouds

I am thinking....when is my oven going to be fixed. I want roasted veggies

I am thankful for...new jeans!

From the learning rooms...American Revolution Pocket activity

From the kitchen....meatloaf in the crock pot...see I am thinking

I am wearing....new jeans and a green shirt which the lady at the store said would go nice with my RED hair

I am reading....Mark

I am hoping...For some nice sleep tonight HA

Around the house...Hannah's jumperoo singing a song

One of my favorite things...staying healthy when something nasty is going around

Plans for the week...waiting to see how "others" are feeling before we commit

Photo Journal: Hannah Bear's new sleeping position...her little but right up in the air. I went in to check on her during nap and the first thing I saw was a little round bum bum. She also lost a sock. I am glad she's making use of her crib during the day =)

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