Friday, March 19, 2010

Field Trip to the Lynden Police Department

I can't say enough about our group of homeschool families. We have organized some pretty amazing field trips for the kids in the upcoming weeks. Today was a trip to the local police station. The kids were so well behaved and learned so much (I think the moms did too) Isaiah listening at the start of the tour.
Checking out the awards and the officer who the building is named after.

Finger printing

I don't know why Elijah looks so sad here, he had a blast. I think he asked more questions than any other kid there. He asked about taser guns, and pointed out that the evidence storage look like high school lockers.

The group

All the kids got a goodie bag with a stuffed animal, lollipops, bracelets and other goodies.
They had such a great time.

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