Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge...better late than never

So way back in Feb we hit 100 days of school and we like to celebrate with the kids each time we hit this milestone. This year it took us awhile but we finally rewarded them with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. Basically it's a huge indoor water park and hotel. I have no pictures of the water park because I found a baby, plus water, plus camera was not a good combo. But here are some fun pics none the less.

Three cuties

The entrance

Bear on the wall the talked to us.

Part of the lodge.

Elijah playing Magi Quest. It was sort of like a scavenger hunt using these wands that made things around the hotel light up and talk.

Isaiah getting ready to play Magi Quest.

Hannah Bear in her bathing suit. She really wasn't into the water park, which is surprising because she loves to take baths. I had to get a few pictures in her super cute suit.

The Kids

All of us. Not the greatest picture but what do you expect when you ask a complete stranger to take a picture?
(the water park is behind us)

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