Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally some SNOW

We finally got some snow to play in. We have learned from the last few snowfalls that you better hurry out to enjoy it because it will melt fast. Not like Maine at all. So I knew that snow was expected so I made sure we had all our gear ready.This was actually the first time Hannah was out in the snow (not counting our summer visit to Artist Point where there was tons of snow) She loved it. She may have been born in Washington but she was made in Maine and she instantly had a love for it. Now her snow boots were another story. She hated them. She wouldn't walk in them. She just sat down. It was really funny. She loved the sled and I pulled her around for over an hour! The boys are pros when it comes to snow. The get right down to business, sledding, snowballs, and snow angels. I had a blast too. It's been awhile since I played in the snow. She looked ADORABLE! The mittens I got her are awesome. The are basically like socks with waterproof ends and no thumbs. They go all they way up to her elbows under her coat. They are not coming off!

There is a tiny "hill" more of a knoll that the boys love to get a running start and slide down.

"go go go" she told me every time I stopped pulling her on this sled. It was so funny. I got an unexpected workout early this morning.

My THREE amazing kids. They really are a good looking bunch! Hey did you notice how much lighter it is in this picture? This was about 9am. The first pictures were at 8am and it was still sort of dark out.

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