Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

Christmas break is but a distant memory now that we've been back to school for about two weeks. I don't know who misses it more, me or the kids. The transition as gone pretty smoothly, but my expectations have lowered over the many years I have been homeschooling. Hannah has had a nasty cold and that really throws everyone off. We are all at her mercy. She wants to be held, her naps are all messed up and she hasn't been sleeping well at night...translation mommy and daddy haven't been sleeping well. We jumped right in though a cold can't hold us down. The boys have basketball twice a week, plus guitar, plus art, plus gym...that's a lot of running around. Oh yeah and we still have school to do. Phew let me catch my breath before I show you some fun pictures.

The boys and I worked so hard on our Hydraulic Land Mover. I will say it was much harder than the hover craft but I was so determined to make this. There was drilling, and hot gluing all of which needed to be very precise. The boys lost steam mid project but I pulled them back in and it was awesome.

By pulling and pushing the syringes it made the land rover move up and down and dump the cup. At first it didn't work well. But later I filled the tubing completely with water and then it worked much better.

Switching gears to Elijah's history. We are still in Ancient Egypt. This week we leaned about hieroglyphics. Elijah had fun playing online with a hieroglyphic translator. And he made a "scarab" which is dung beetle that Egyptians used for official seals and protective amulets. Our was made with a clay mold and filled with plaster of pairs.

Spray painted gold (we have used this bottle of gold spray paint so much) and then painted blue.

TA DA the finished product.

Here's Elijah's hieroglyphic work. It is translated "Elijah's mom is good and so is his dad"

This picture is so funny. Elijah was playing with Hannah's kitchen for a long time. I took this picture to remind me that he's still my little bubby. Shortly after I realized he wasn't pretend playing with food. He had Star Wars Lego's and the kitchen was sort of a huge space ship. It was still a delight to watch him playing.
Beautiful Hannah enjoying her first snow outing. She loved the sled and hated her boots.

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It'sSteph said...

Glad school is going well. Just can't believe how the kids are growing. Hannah and Kate sound so much alike somtimes. She's such a cutie. I love when they are in hats and they are all baby face!