Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

There are so many reasons why people choose to homeschool. We have our own list. But recently I was questioning the effects of homeschooling on my kids. I have been noticing that they are NOT like other children. And wondering what "sheltering them from the world" is doing to them. And God spoke very clearly to me" It's not they are being sheltered from the world but rather set apart from it." So sometimes even for a "seasoned" homeschool mom you question ?why? when you can't find the reader, or you forgot to by the air dry clay, or your 1st grader has a meltdown, and your 5th grader rolls his eyes and your toddler finds a marker and colors all over herself. It's nice to have a sweet reminder that your calling is for His Kingdom, not this world.

Isaiah just finished reading a biography about Thomas Edison. I think I learned more than he did. We made our own "phonograph" from a rolled up piece of card stock, then you attach a toothpick to the end with tape. Take a piece of tin foil and crumble it up. Then listen in the cone as you slide the tin foil. It's pretty neat...vibrations create sound!

Some lessons on pulleys via Supercharged Science. LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

My body is my canvas! So she found a yellow marker and went to town. I am thankful it wasn't a black one and it wasn't a permanent.

She loves her puppy!

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