Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

First Happy Father's day to my dad and to Peter's dad!

Happy Father's day to the Dad of my three awesome kids. This Father's day will be especially sweet because Isaiah and Elijah have decided to be baptized. From the moment we found out we were expecting our children our prayer was that they would know the Lord at a young age and walk with Him all the days of their lives. Isaiah and Elijah have both made a commitment to Lord and have asked Jesus into their hearts years ago. But as of recently they have each come to know Him more personally and have decided to make a public declaration of what He has done for them.

Peter and I also decided early on that we would never pressure the boys into believing. We offered truth to them and expressed if they want to believe it is their choice. The same was true of baptism. We wanted them to come to that place on their own. So we were delighted that came to us and said they wanted to be baptized. We asked them why and they both said expressed their gratefulness for Jesus dying on the cross for their sins and they wanted to follow Him for the rest of their lives.

The name "Isaiah" means the LORD is my salvation. Many times I have prayed "Lord may Isaiah one day know in his heart the meaning of his name that you alone are his salvation and only in You is it found." Elijah means "The LORD is my God" and many a prayer for Elijah has been "Lord my Elijah come to know and worship you the One True and Living God"

I think it's so fitting that they will be baptized on father's day. Peter has been instrumental in guiding them. He not only reads and prays with them faithfully every night but he teaches them the Word of God. He explains to them why they believe what they believe. They are so blessed to have a father who has given himself to the study of God's word and loves Jesus and can pass that on.

This is what the kids and I worked on for him for father's day. I asked each one why the love their dad. Then I wrote it down on a chalkboard and took a picture of what they said with them holding it. Their responses are exactly where they are at and I can't wait for Peter to read what they wrote. It's not about the things he buys for them, or even the places he takes them, it's the private, intimate moments he spends with them that they love the most.

Happy Father's day to my amazing husband.

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