Friday, September 16, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

And we're off....homeschool is in full swing for sure. If this week was any indication of how the rest of the year will go I am pretty psyched! We had a great week....lots of learning and a lot of character training! I needed to be reminded this week that the men that are growing before my eyes (and woman) need us to be their covering. As parents it's not enough to teach them to do right, to show them to right, but to a go even further to teach them to correct when it's not right. I won't go into detail but a specific situation but I learned that my kids are a work in progress like us all. They will make mistakes BIG and small. But what they do with those mistakes is just as important as not making them at all.

So here are some highlights and there are some super cute pictures of Hannah.
We studied the scientific method. Using that the boys did experiment to determine which kernels popped the better popcorn, white or yellow.
Elijah thought the yellow would and Isaiah said it wouldn't matter, they would pop the same.
So what else can two scientists do? Pop that corn. Three trials nonetheless!
The white is on your left and the yellow on your right.
Deciding in order to make good popcorn the kernels must pop most of the kernels put into the popper, it should pop big popcorn and it should taste good. They concluded yellow popcorn is better.
Another experiment using the scientific method. Does bigger wrist and thumb circumference help you win thumb wars.
Isaiah said no and Elijah said yes. After measure all our wrists and thumbs and doing three wars against each other, they concluded that the bigger your circumference the better your ability to win thumb wars.
So this one was sort of a flop only because I think they were trying to outsmart the experiment.
Fill 12 glass full of water. Color 6 with food coloring and 1/2 of those with a couple tablespoons of sugar. Ask your taster to tell you if they are drinking punch or water. Some tasters should tell you that the colored water without sugar is punch because your mind associates the color with punch. I was the only one who guessed that. So their hypothesis was that people would be able to tell the difference, and they could.
As promised some Hannah. She went on our field trip this week, and she sort of did her own field trip exploring the Bison ranch on her own. Look how long her hair is getting.
"Look a cow, Look a tree" she kept saying. The cow was the Bison. She loves cows, but every four legged animal besides a puppy always starts off as a cow.
She stole my necklace...little sneak and then proceeded to walk the "runway". She's so cute.
She's feeling the Bison hide. It was actually kind of nice, a little rough but would make a great rug!
Our super great tour guide of the Lone Boot Ranch. Check out his site. There is so much info there.
He had the kids close their eyes and imagine the sound of a huge storm, and that was the sound the pioneers heard when the "Bison" aka Buffalo would come by. There were so many in that day that sometimes they had to wait a whole day to pass because the herd was so HUGE.
To call them out we shook a bottle with sand in it and then he called out. "Come out Come out"
With some help from his wife, they did just that. Super cool animals
Our awesome group. Checking out the Buffalo.
My friend posted this joke on facebook and my boys loved it so much I thought I would share. "what did the mother Buffalo say to her son before he left for college?"......BI-SON!
BIG hairy animals!

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