Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pawty Time!

First you know it's a good party when you only took a handful of pictures. It was such a blast I picked up the camera twice and handed it off. So This is what I got, but I think you'll get the idea. So Hannah LOVES puppies. She loves real one and stuffed ones. But she has ONE favorite and it's a little Dalmatian that my mom sent her for Christmas last year. She has loved him, and loved him and it shows. So of course this year she had to a puppy pawty!
Just seeing the number 2 makes me sad. She's growing up TOO fast.
Her birthday banner

Adopt a pup station. All the kids picked out a puppy, got a certificate and a doggie bag full of treats
Inside the bag, puppy vitamins (gummy snacks) puppy chow (coco puffs) Dog biscuits (sugar cookies)
Dog bowls full of treats
Paw print cookies, made with a junior mint and 4 brown m & m's
Super fun puppy balloons.
This was so fun, balloon garland. It was bright and Hannah loved it. On the table are little puppy pictures that the kids colored.
Pupcakes, with the frosting is Oreo cookie, Hannah's favorite cookie. Aren't the toppers cute!
We practiced blowing out the candles before the party but she went right in with her fingers, I blew them our so fast.
Hannah's BFF
Her little "boy" friend
More guests

Present time. She loved the cards "oh a card" she said when she pulled each on out. I tried to open one for her and ripped the envelope in a way that was not pleasing to her, and she was very upset. "OH NO" she said. So I let her open them. It took a long time, but I thought it was sweet she appreciated the cards as well (just like her mom)
Her favorite gift from mom and dad....a Fur Real Puppy. She loves it. Although her trusted pup still made the cut at bedtime.
And for dinner....Hannah's favorite...Grammie's Chili!

We have AMAZING friends who have been like adopted family to Hannah. They have been there for her, loving her and filling in the gap where our families can't be here. We are so blessed to have these people in our lives,to love our kids and to invest in their lives. Thank you friends for coming out and celebrating with us.

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