Sunday, September 25, 2011

Isaiah's 11th birthday!!

We have entered into a world unknown....the world of an 11 year old boy. For anyone who knows me knows I love to throw big parties for my kids. But I thought that once it's their 11th birthday it might be a good year to stop the themes. This was perfect timing for Isaiah who said he just wanted friends over for pizza and to play the wii. So that's the party he got. Very low key as far as prep...but a house full of boys not so low key! Isaiah even asked if I could hang out upstairs during his party....what am I that uncool already? The party was a hit and his friends even let me play the wii with them. I can't believe he'll be 11 in 5 days! It seems like I am in someone else's life...I can't be old enough to have an 11 year old!A table fit for a pack and I do mean pack of hungry boys (this isn't even including the pizza)
These boys can EAT~
What do you get an 11 year old boy who is soooo over toys? MONEY!
Ok guys smile nice for the camera....
Ok now let's see you how you really are....

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