Saturday, October 8, 2011

Annual Stoney Ridge Farm Adventure

When you relocate your family to an entirely different region of the country,thousands of miles from family and age old traditions, you wonder if you'll ever have new ones, in your new home. Well traditions take time....this is our 3rd fall in Washington. And although NOTHING compares to a New England....MAINE fall, it's still amazingly beautiful here (and like I have said, after fall comes winter and I am all set with a Maine winter) Anyway back to traditions, we have been here for 3 falls and each time we have visited Stoney Ridge Farm. For our Mainer friends, it's sort of like Treworgy's. But it's become our own little thing we do. The first year Hannah was 2 weeks old and my family was here. Last year, we went with friends, the same friends we went with this year. The day was PERFECT, SUNNY, WARM, and BEAUTIFUL.

This is very Washington to me. Flowers in a rain boot.
Our Friends Melinda and Ryan HA HA!
Hannah and her puppy...imagine that.
The five of us
Daddy can I please have a puppy. She loved this little miniature pony. She was not afraid at all. I let her pet him, and then saw a large sign that said "Do not put fingers inside the cage" OPPS
Here Pony I love you so much I will let you see my puppy.
Apple cider yummy
Lots of friends and lots of boys!
Melinda and I picking some WASHINGTON haven't had an apple until you have had a WASHINGTON apple.
I want to sit on every pumpkin
Give me a ride back Daddy!

I LOVE our new family traditions that are forming here. Miss the old ones, but embracing the new!

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