Sunday, October 30, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Ha

So much learning so little time to post it all....We have been so busy it seems this past month. Every night seemed to have some commitment or other. We have a few weeks of "rest" before it all starts again. But I wanted to post just a few fun pics of some stuff we've been doing in school.
Isaiah and Elijah are doing life science this year. This particular unit focused on how to use a microscope. With thanks to MP3 we bought a really nice one for them to use this year.
Isaiah found a "critter" outside and is taking a better look. They have learned how to mount a dry,wet, stained, and a hit fixed slide.
The all important onion skin.
Staining it to see it better.
Heat fix of active yeast.
Elijah taking a turn.
Elijah finished the Viking unit. He made a really awesome lapbook which I haven't taken a picture of, maybe next time, but this is Elijah with Viking rune letters.
Looks pretty good buddy!
Hannah is keeps raising the bar of what is considered acceptable activities for her to do during school. She wants to do hands on stuff.
This is colored salt in cute little shakers I got at Michael's (the even read "Shake it")
With a little glue she knew exactly what to do! Super fun, a little messy but nothing a good sweep couldn't clean up.

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