Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 12th Anniversary

12 years today!

Let me start by saying that I LOVE my husband. I can't believe all the Lord has done for us in 12 years. I could write for days.

Our love story is nothing short than the Creator of the Universe supernaturally stepping in and invading our lives to start, write and is still writing our love story. If you don't know us or haven't heard the awesome story,I will tell you. But I want to share more about how He is working in our lives today....because I truly believe He is just as invested in us today as he was 12 years ago!

Anyone who tells you their marriage is perfect is LYING! Peter and I do not have the perfect marriage contrary to what people may want think. We are real. We are sinners. We don't have it all together. That being said I have to confess in saying that I am married to the most wonderful man. The Lord has really opened my eyes to this more in the past month. He has been showing me so many parts of Peter that I have yet to discover and fall in love with. At first I felt ashamed, thinking "I've been married to this man for 12 years, I should know all there is to know" But God has been revealing to me that this is an awesome and exciting thing, because as Peter grows in Jesus, and becomes more like Him, I can't help but fall in love all over again.
I often look back at the two weeks of our engagement and our wedding and think "Oh you were in a dream world where you thought as long you are in love with Jesus your marriage would be great" I think I have let the lies of the enemy take up home in my heart because I started to believe if our marriage wasn't perfect then we were failures. And as long as Jesus was in the mix somewhere we would have to settle for that. But What God has been showing me this past month is that, the world I refereed to as a "dream" world was actually reality . That's really His desire for marriage.It is for us to be so in love with JESUS and desiring to more like Him, we can't help but fall more deeply in love with our spouse. He wants to do things even greater than how our love story started in our lives. I think we are finally at a place where we can allow Him to bring that to pass.

I guess the point is when you look for the Jesus in your spouse and find Him in the way he gives to others, in how he steps out to minister to people, when he teaches your children the Word of God, when he is quick to forgive, when he is tender, when he puts your needs before his own, it's so very sweet to fall in love again.

So Happy Anniversary Peter, I love you....I love all that God is doing in your life. It's an honor to be your wife and to be allowed to watch God's plan for our lives unfold. I am so thankful that He handpicked YOU for me.

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