Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah FUNGI MOLD

Wow I haven't posted in a few weeks....why? Because I am crazy busy. I don't even have time to mentally recap what we've done let alone blog. But I have literally 15 minuets to spare tonight so I am going to quickly blog.

The boys and I (yes add Hannah in that too) are way up to our eyeballs with school. It's good but man we have a lot to cover. In January we added a few more kids to our amazing Science learning adventure. On Wednesday we have a few other homeschool boys come over for some experiment fun. It's a blast. They really love it. We finished bacteria and this month have moved on to FUNGI!
Here are the boys writing down their observations to the mold growing on a piece of bread. This mold had been growing in my kitchen for over a week. The things I do in the name of learning!!!
I am not kidding this bread was something to be studied. It was furry!! The boys then took some and prepared a slide to check out under the microscope. Mold is a needs something to feed on to grow. My kids are going to try to grow mold on other food items....can't wait!
The next two pictures are the extra bonus our family gets for homeschooling. Here is Isaiah 11 reading to Hannah 2. The relationships my kids have with each other just blows me away. Not to say it's always peace and butterflies, sometimes honestly it's WW 111. But in these moments it just makes me well up with emotions of pure JOY!
Here's Isaiah helping Elijah with his math. I was pulled away trying to get Hannah down for her afternoon nap. Isaiah stepped in to help Elijah. I loved it! THESE are the moments that the Lord uses to whisper to my heart "keep going, stay focused on ME, I am doing a good work" AMEN!

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