Friday, January 27, 2012

Not to embarrass him but....

So God has been doing some awesome thing in our lives, using us in new and exciting ways since we've moved to Washington.

Peter is a quiet guy. He isn't a social butterfly. He isn't concerned with climbing the ladder at work. He's just a humble guy, who loves God, loves His word, and loves his family. God has honored that by gifting him with an unquenchable hunger for the Word of God, and a desire to and ability to teach it. Sometimes not being the most outgoing person has overshadowed God's hand in this area. But I am amazed what God will do when someone steps out in faith, despite what they see as hindrances.

I just wanted to take a moment to give the Lord praise for the ways in which He is working in Peter's life. I am so thankful that He moved us to Washington. I am so thankful that He is never through working in us and through us. Sometimes when I question His plan, I only have to take a step back and see all that has done, is doing and promises to do to surrender it all again and trust He is in control.

Peter did his second Prophecy teaching at church this week. It was super awesome.
As I watched him from the very back row I was struck by power of the Spirit working through him and speaking through him.

Here's the link to listen.

And since he's Peter he also had an awesome power point presentation that goes along with the study and you can find that by click here

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