Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

So our first week back to school after a much deserved and well received Christmas break went good. I give us a B+. LOTS of work was done, and hopefully some of it was enjoyable! Hannah has really changed over the past few weeks. She may be 2 but on the inside she thinks she's 6 or at least 5. Part of having an enjoyable day with her is not to overlook her desire to be counted. She is talking in sentences and is very clear in letting us know how she feels and what she wants. She's NOT a baby! I have to keep telling myself "she may be "the baby" but she's not "a baby" Now if only her independence and maturity would spill over into potty training!!

Here are some highlights!

Indoor water play is a favorite of Hannah's. Although her complaint this week " I want a boat" Gee!
This little wheel thing is awesome. It works with water, sand and rice!
The boys are studying genetics this week. We read all about Mendel's experiments with peas. Then we took a closer look at a fake family. We determined traits but flipping coins to represent each parent and then figured out what their children would look like.
Our chart
The family. It was super fun.
Hannah and I made my Gram's chocolate chip cookies.
Many chocolate chips were consumed before the cookies went into the oven.
She insisted on scooping the dough onto the pan herself.
After a few tries she actually did get the hang of it...well at least the licking of her fingers.
Perfect every time.
We viewed the "dna" of carrots.
The "ghostly" strands are it.
Hannah has never had her hair cut. It was getting SUPER long, way down her back but the front hasn't been able to catch up, so I decided to have the back trimmed up. She got about 3 inches taken off. She would NOT sit in the chair. The hairstylist tried everything to get her sit. Even putting her beloved puppy in the chair and pretending to give him a haircut. She eventually did sit but only with me.
Mommy and Hannah showing off her new cut. You can't really see it here, but I promise it's shorter. I think she has her mommy's hair because of how fast it grows, so in a few months it will be just as long again.

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