Monday, January 2, 2012

One of my New Years Resolutions

One of my New Years resolutions is to be more purposeful with my little toddler. She is 2 and is as busy as they come. But this past year I have realized that my plate is super full. Between housework homeschooling, ministry,and friendships here and away, my own personal walk with the Lord, my plate is also super divided. And although it was so not intentional my little Hannah has gotten the smallest piece of the plate. So one of my new years resolutions was slow down and enjoy this stage of her life and invest more of my time into her. My resolution involves taking time to do one on one things with Hannah, hands on fun things.
For Christmas someone gave us a bird feeder kit. It included pine cones, string, plastic utensils, and containers of peanut butter and bird seed. Today was the day to pull it out and make it with Hannah. She LOVED it. I LOVED it. (Even Elijah LOVED it)
We tied the string on first...very important because once the peanut butter is on it would not be fun.
Ok so when did she get so grown up? She knew exactly what do once I opened the little container of peanut butter and plastic knife.
She worked very diligently.
It was about 5 min into the project that she discovered the peanut butter was also suitable for eating!She is so my daughter!!!
Hannah was kind enough to share with Elijah
Time to sprinkle the bird seed. This was her favorite part!
We hung them on tree in the front yard. Close enough to a window so we could watch for some birds. Look how grown up she looks.
Hannah's finished product!

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It'sSteph said...

Oh my, she is adorable! And yes, she looks very grown up!