Friday, January 27, 2012

From the Desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

The weeks seem to go by more quickly each week. It really astounds me. I think I've said to many people this month "It seems like a weeks is a a day to me" It's Friday...AGAIN! With life moving so fast I guess it's easy to loose sight that the kids are growing just as fast as time is passing. It makes me sad, excited, confused and confident all at the same time.

I LOVE having my kids home with me every day. I love that I am part of their lives, not just their mom. I love that even though my 11 year old son is growing and changing he still comes to snuggle and has deep conversations with me about God, sports, and girls! My soon to be 8 year old son thinks I am the most beautiful woman ever. He freely hugs and kisses me. And then my 2 year old daughter who is as strong willed as I have ever seen, is saying EVERYTHING, new words, old words, complete sentences, it's always amazes me the things she says. Right now it's "Mommy are you happy?" (usually when she is doing something that does not make me happy) "Mommy are you happy? Let me see" Adorable!

Having them home all together is the most precious part of homeschooling. Yesterday for an hour the three of them played with couch cushions. The laughed, they squealed, they made a big mess. And there was a little voice inside me that said "ok these kids need to get to their school work" I quickly silenced it and watched them play in delight.

I delight in God's plan for our family!

So here are some fun pictures from our week....
Hannah is our little chef. She made bagel pizzas for lunch. She loved it. Look how precise she is with that sauce.
And lots and lots of cheese.
I think they were a hit!
"oh Mommy sa' good" she said.
I got this super huge ink pad for Hannah. I found some horse stamps at a second hand store over the the summer for .50 Who knew how much fun it would be?
ANOTHER cute find was this adorable Tupperware set. It looks just like the set we have but smaller. I love how Elijah wanted to sit with her and play "tea" party.
She had to line the cups up!
Ok on to some serious science! The boys are studying bacteria. Our first experiments involved swabbing our teeth and taking a look under the microscope...VERY eye opening. Our next was to swab the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink and grow our finds in a petri dish....the result. The petri dish on the left is bacteria from the bathroom sink and on the right from the kitchen sink....again very EYE opening.
Loved Isaiah's reaction!
We've invited some friends who also home school to join us once a week for some fun science experiments. Here's the group watching a video on how quickly bacteria multiply.
We did experiments dealing with how germs spread from hands to surfaces. I ordered this special gel and black light the simulates that process. The kids had a blast with this. The next experiment is in the works. We swabbed three hands. One hand had not been washed, another had been washed with soap and water and the last hand used hand sanitizer. We are waiting to see which works the best, of the three. You'll have to check back next week to find out. I commented to another mom "Science was never this fun for me in school" They all were disappointed when it was time to wrap up and that was over an hour of non stop learning. LOVE it!

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