Monday, July 20, 2009

Birch Bay Discovery Days

Saturday we went to the Birch Bay Discovery Days event. Basically it was a area set up with different vendors from the community, games, face painting, food, and a parade. The boys loved it. They had so much fun. There is never a shortage of things for them to do here. I think we've done more in the month and half living here than we did 5 summers combined in Maine. The weather has played a huge part because it has been just such an amazing summer. Elijah has made comments that God wanted us to have summer with nice weather because we moved so far away. And that sounds just like God to me, encouraging, comforting, and grace upon grace.

Bean bag tic tac toe.
Sand art. Check out Elijah's sunglasses. He is just too cool.

Waiting for the parade.

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kelizzle said...

I was thinking the same thing Elijah said about you guys having a great summer because you moved so far away.
God is good and gracious and knew to keep you busy so you would not miss Maine so much.
We still love and miss you tho!