Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lego Show and Tell

Today the boys attended a "Lego show and tell" time at one of the libraries. Basically the kids were encouraged to create a lego model and then bring it to share and tell about it with fellow lego creators. They had to name their creation. Isaiah's was called "bumper shooter" and Elijah's was called "lego house". We each got a sticker and were asked to put it on our favorite lego structure and then a "people's choice" would win a prize. There were also door prizes and every kid got a little something. Isaiah got a great book about lizards and Elijah got a Egypt themed reading poster. The best part was when the facilitator asked each kid to come up and tell everyone about what they had made. I made a comment to a lady that Isaiah would do that effortlessly but Elijah probably wouldn't. But to my surprise when she called Elijah (before Isaiah I might add) he went right over to his structure and proceeded to tell everyone about each and every part. He did so great. I got a little teary eyed because he has changed a lot since moving out here. He's become much more social. Isaiah did great too. He really used his imagination to tell everyone about what he made. They loved this. Of course this has sparked a desire for more legos. =)

Not sure who the little girl is but she like Elijah's creation. Elijah's creation is on the left and Isaiah's on the right.
Here is Elijah in front of everyone describing his "lego house"

Isaiah telling the group about his "bumper shooter"

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