Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Visit to Seattle

We took our first trip into Seattle yesterday. Sort of on a whim. We didn't have a plan just to take a look around. Next time however I will be planning a more"cultural" trip. It was a beautiful day...not a cloud in the sky. We stopped at the Space Needle...and should have taken the trip up as soon as we got there because later on the line was so long, I just didn't have it in me to stand in line. Next time we'll take the trip to the top. Next to the Space Needle is where we ended up spending most of the time. The "Fun Forest" is basically a carnival type deal. There are rides and games and food. Of course this was exactly what the boys wanted to do all afternoon. We took the Monorail into downtown Seattle and did a wee bit of shopping. There is so much to see!

Space Needle from the ground.

This is a statue of liberty built completely from LEGOS! It was very impressive despite the look on Elijah's face.

Bumper cars of course

The look on Isaiah's face is priceless. Elijah laughed and smiled the whole ride, but Isaiah had a look of horror. Peter and I got a great laugh.

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Richard said...

Hey, do they still have that display where the discs get dropped through a bunch of pegs and eventually form a probability curve? I was in Seattle briefly on a ship going from Honolulu to Alaska. We stopped in Seattle to drop off some whale bones. (It's a long story.) Thank-you for sharing your adventures and your photos. - Richard