Monday, June 14, 2010


Schools out for the summer! I think I am just as happy as the kids! We took a little adventure on the Mt.Baker highway. Peter has been wanted to go for awhile. We didn't get very far but we had a blast. We pulled off at an information center and then on to the Horseshoe trail. It was beautiful. We live in a truly amazing area. Family picture taken with the timer on the day we'll get "real" ones done.

Isaiah playing by the river.

Elijah showing off his "safari gear" as he calls it. A compas, ruler, ranger bange and a walking stick.

She wouldn't let go of the Hagen rewards card. She loved the sand although she kept trying to eat it.

Isaiah showing off a big leaf. They were as big as his head.

The river, it was moving fast, and I loved the sound! WOOOSH

Hannah and the mountians in the back!

Elijah and Smokey the Bear of course.

The THREE kids in front of a 750 year old tree stump. That was one big tree!

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay you cutie pie blogger, you!! We have GOT to hang our soon!! :)

I love that you blog by the way...