Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parade in the Neighborhood

For a few weeks the boys and some of the kids in the neighborhood have been planning a parade. It's been really cute to watch them plot and plan. Now it wasn't the Macy's Day Parade by any means but it was the perfect example of kids being creative and having good clean fun. They wanted to have dirt bikes so they attached can to the wheels to make a dirt bike sound. They raced around the cul de sac. They wanted to have dancing, so they had music playing and they danced. They had costumes. They had clowns riding in a wagon doing silly things. The only thing missing was a marching band! Check out the cuteness below.

Here they are preparing to line up.
Elijah riding his "dirt bike"

This is our neighbor, she's the master of ceremony. The kids built the stand. They took an old bike ramp and nailed the posts and draped the blanket. It was adorable.

Isaiah on his dirt bike. Unfortunately Isaiah has a dirt bike accident shortly after this. He wiped out and scrapped his knee, shoulder, and elbow. He recovered.

The lion and the boxer....I don't know what that was all about.

Elijah making another appearance. He cracked us up because he kept waving all around the cul de sac at no one. It was adorable.

Isaiah taking his turn at the mic.

A sumo wrestler pulling the clown wagon.
They have plans for a lemonade stand and bake sale this summer. It's going to be an interesting summer in the neighborhood.

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