Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taste of Home

The cutest little package from Maine

My friend Annee, who is from my hometown in Maine, sent me a very thoughtful gift yesterday. "Made in Maine" read the box delivered by our UPS guy, so I already knew I loved what was in the box. Inside was the cutest little boat tote with blueberries embroidered on the front.(funny because I want my kitchen to be "maine themed") Then tucked inside the tote was a can of buttermilk pancake mix and a jar of wild Maine blueberry syrup. She now lives in Oregon, a little over 5 hours away from us here in Washington. She said she saw it and thought of me because she knows that I get "homesick". Wasn't that thoughtful? It amazes me that I have such friends in my life. I mean who am I? I do get homesick...I admit it. But I must say that I am in a place somewhere in between being so homesick and being content where I am now. God has brought such amazing people into my life since moving here, He has strengthened friendships back in Maine, and He has reintroduced friends like Annee into my life.

Ok seriously the syrup was AMAZING. I could drink it right from the cute little jar.

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