Saturday, June 26, 2010

VBS 2010

Another awesome VBS at Calvary Creekside
This year's theme was the "Egypt Files" from Answers in Genesis. It was spectacular. The kids learned how we did not evolve from monkeys. We did not come from slime. But rather that we were created in the image of God to know Him.

What a difference a year can make. Last year we were only in Washington for a few weeks when VBS took place. I remember being so sad that my kids didn't know anyone and dropping them off. I remember missing home so much that I couldn't stop crying. This year the kids know lots of kids. I was able to help do the crafts with all the VBS kids. And even though I still miss home, this is slowly but surely becoming our new home. NO that's not me in my banana costume....although it is my banana costume. That is Melinda. She is the amazing girl who headed up VBS. She and her husband put so much time into making VBS so amazing for the kids.
Speaking of her husband, Ryan there here is welcoming the kids to VBS. Check out the was amazing.

"I've got DNA, I'm fearfully, wonderfully, made" the songs this year were so fun.

Elijah during worship.

Isaiah during games. I think he is being a "cobra".

Elijah and some of his buddies.
The kids watching the drama...they did an amazing job with it.

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