Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Of July

This 4th of July we celebrated with a group of great friends. There were the three most important things that everyone should have a 4th of July celebrating Fun, Food, and Fireworks. (Friends and Family are a given) And we all in abundance.
I made Gram's potato salad, and some baked mac 'n cheese and some stuff to grill and we headed over to the Klinemsn's. Once there it was like one of those cup of soups, just add water...just add kids and you get a party!
Hannah Bear in the car...her tshirt said "I'm a star studded cutie"
Ok so here's the "family pic" it was either this one with Peter's eyes closed or another one with Peter scratching his head. HA! The perfect family picture still alludes us.
Here are the little poppers. I say little but they were a BIG hit.

I put this picture on because Peter is smiling in this one and a BIG smile too. I may just have to crop and enlarge it.
Roasting the hot dogs. The kids loved this.
Sparklers....Elijah is doing some sort of Star Wars move here.

The boys had matching 97 cent shirts. They said "Future Leader...I can do all things through Jesus" They were perfect for the 4th.

Here's Auni. She is so adorable and she LOVES Hannah. She has since she was in my belly. She has drawn Hannah many pictures and given her many little notes. I am sure when Hannah is a little older there will be tea parties in their future.

Well here are the cutest group of kids. They had so much fun ALL afternoon. They played with light sabers, ate lots of food, made s'mores, played on the playground, giggled, and squealed. It was awesome. God has truly blessed our children with some amazing friends here in Washington.
Speaking of being are some of the "girls". They have been such good friends to me. They have opened their lives and made room for me and my family and I am so thankful. Left to right back row Kari, Kristy,Julie,Terra, and front row Kate,Melinda and Me.
Hannah and Melissa. Hannah has quite the little fan club going on. The kids all love her. I keep her with me when Peter and I teach Sunday School to the k-1 class. She stays in my carrier and the kids LOVE that she's part of the class.

Sara, Isaiah, and Elijah watching the fire works that we chipped in to buy. They were actually a lot of fun. I was so nervous because in Maine they are illegal and I just thought there is a good reason they are. But if your "safe and sane" they are fun.

Peter in his favorite gray "hooded sweatshirt" lighting some fireworks.
They boys LOVED it. Hannah did NOT. Her and I hung inside and watched from the window. On the way home people all over town were setting off fireworks. It was really pretty.

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Awww!! Such a sweet post, and so glad you had fun peeps to celebrate with!

We did not... it kind of stunk, so that's it... next year, I'm finding a party!! Even if I have to crash one!! LOL

Fun photos girl. Have a great week! (And cross your fingers, the house we found is in your neck of the woods!!)