Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Taste of Maine in Washington

Our local library is amazing. All summer in addition to their awesome reading incentive program, every week they put on something special for the kids. We have gone to almost every special event. We saw stories come alive, science with water, mini horses, and today was the kids craft fair. My boys really wanted to do it. So here's the idea kids make items and then come to the library to sell their items. Two key factors 1. kids have to make it and 2. each item has to be $5.00 or under. We had no idea what to expect but I had an idea to do a "Maine" theme, hence the title a Taste Of Maine. The pictures do a good job of showing off what we did. Everyone loved the booth and thought the kids were "adorable" First we had LOBSTAH ...or our Washington version, chocolate lobster pops. We put them in an ice bucket to look like a lobster pot. So adorable and they were a BIG hit. The kids made these by themselves. They were by far perfect, but then again in their own way the were totally perfect. Price 50 cents.

Moose Droppings....aka chocolate covered almonds. Isaiah made the tags to resemble moose tracks. These were also a big hit. Price 25 cents.

Whoopie pies a Maine staple...they came out so good. The boys loved "matching" the cakes and putting them together. Price $1.00h

Mini wild Maine blueberry muffins. And yes we found a can of wild Maine blueberry muffins to use. We put them in plastic bags and tied with gingham blue cute. Price 50 cents

Maine Lighthouse bookmarks. We had ordered stickers for this project but they never came so we printed off some our favorites and glued them on. They boys really liked this craft. Price 10 cents.

We're ready to sell....what would you like to buy?

Opps forgot our little buddy Ethan.

This is what Hannah thought of the whole event. She actually was pretty good. She took a little nap, but once she woke up she wanted out. She's not walking yet, and this what not a time or place to let her crawl.

Isaiah pretty much too charge of the booth. He did all the transactions, adding, accepting money, making change and telling everyone why we chose the things we did. "My mom said Washington doesn't have lobsters"

The room full of little entrepreneurs. The boys made 15.00 before we even got to the fair from Ethan's grandmother, and then they made another 22.25, so 37.25 minus the money they spent on other people's crafts, slime(huge it the girl made 2.00 per qt zip lock bag of homemade slime), magnets, chocolate covered pretzels, gummy candies, shaved ice, origami jumping frog,and painted lady bug brought the take home to 23.50.

Here is my bounty from the craft fair. From left to right.The cutest felt cupcake necklace, (I thought it would be cute for Hannah's 1 year pictures), a journal, because (I can never have enough), cute bottle cap magnets and one with a "B" on it, a big, bright pink flower for Hannah's headband, and some cute little gift tags. Price $12.25


It'sSteph said...

Way cute! what a fun idea. I bet you sold out of whoopie pies!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

How completely adorable girl. I can't wait to move there and start going to that cool library!!! Way better than in town!