Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cascade Pass....well sort of

I am going to throw my husband under the bus with the story of our adventure to hike to the Cascade Pass. Peter always schemes up grand adventures for this family. And while I so appreciate his efforts and his desire to do fun things with us, sometimes I think his adventurous spirit is TOO BIG for this little family.
Today was the perfect example. We live in a BEAUTIFUL area. Being from Maine we are being in awe of God's amazing creation and while I am still very LOYAL to my MAINE roots...I will say the state of WASHINGTON is breathtaking in it's own right. That being said, Peter has been chomping at the bit to get us out for a real hike. He has researched and googled to his heart content. He found this hike for the Cascade Pass and that's all we've heard about for the past two weeks. Instead of fighting him on it, I have learned after almost 11 years of marriage to just go with it. Sometimes, and I emphasis SOMETIMES his adventures turn out really fun. BUT SOMETIMES, that end up with "Oh me and my big plans" comment half way through as the rest of us whine in the background.
Cascade Pass was suppose to be a moderate to easy hike, good for children the website boasted. And you know it might just be...but NOT today. To the opening to the Cascade Pass was suppose to be 2 miles...YEAH RIGHT! UP and UP we went. 2 boys and a baby girl in the backpack we went. We tried to be good sports as we were blown away by the amazing views. But then...we heard some loud sounds...cracking, and shifting sounds, maybe thunder? No it wasn't a storm on this PERFECT and RARE not a cloud in the sky day. It was snow and ice coming down a mountain next to us. Can you say AVALANCHE? But we pressed on. UP and UP we switch back after switch back. We stopped after an hour and had lunch to refuel. And then UP and UP we started again. Then we saw some snow that we need to cross...FUN! Snow in July...AWESOME. We passed with ease. But then more snow, longer, steeper, more slippery....and then more. Now us Mainers know snow. We laugh at snow. But we weren't laughing with a baby on back, steep mountain bellow, and us wearing shorts and sneakers. I will admit I was a wimp. I begged to turn back. I had visions of slipping and Hannah and I tumbling down the side of the mountain and being the feature story on the evening news. The boys chimed in "Please dad lets turn back" Poor Peter his big adventure to get to the Pass was slipping through his fingers. I wanted to keep going but then I again I really wanted to turn back.....so WE DID. Back down we went. Total we hiked 3 1/2 hours. We didn't make it to the Pass...maybe next time ...if Peter can convince us to go again. Maybe in August. Oh YEAH on the way down we saw a guy hiking up in ski boots and skies on his back...I am thinking there was much more snow ahead of us if we kept going. So enough of my story lets get on with the pictures.

The boys, all smiles BEFORE the hike began.

Snow in July!


Daddy and Hannah

Don't you want to have a picnic here!

Another great view.

You can barely see us....but we're there. Me and the kiddos.

Snow and more snow!

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