Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elijah achieves one of his summer goals.

Elijah had some goals he wanted to reach this summer. 1. tie his own shoe 2. ride a bike with no training wheels 3. read lots of books 4. not be afraid to go up stairs by himself. So with summer in full swing he has accomplished one of those goals. (well besides reading lots of books which he has been doing all along) Last night I hear Peter's voice from outside our bedroom window. "Honey look out the window" So I looked out and there was Elijah riding circles in, with NO training wheels. He hasn't had them off all summer so this was his first time having a go at it. And he just went. Around and around he went. It was awesome. Needless to say he is quite proud of himself and so are we. This is typical Elijah. When he is ready to learn something he goes for it. But the key here is when he is ready! This was so easy!


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