Monday, July 26, 2010

Hannah is 10 months ...afternoon at the beach

This post has a lot of pictures....and mostly of Hannah. Not only because she is adorable but because it was her first trip to a lake to swim. She turned 10 months this week and it's been a week of milestones it seems. She is sleeping through the night, stayed in the nursery at church, has her two front teeth totally through, and is pulling herself up to standing. She loves life. It's so exciting to see her changing but also a little sad because she'll be a year old soon and it's gone by too fast for this mommy. What a joy it has been to have her in our lives. Sit back in enjoy the pictures, she's pretty cute.

Hannah Bear and the "boys" Isaiah and Elijah and their friends Ethan and Ben..Hannah had all their attention!
Putting Hannah down by the water. She was very skeptical of the sand, and had no desire to go near the water.

Hmmmm maybe I'll get a little closer to the water, but just my toes are going in.

This picture cracks me up because she's always sitting with her legs crossed like that. So cute and lady like.

Ok so maybe not just my toes, maybe my legs can go in the water too.

I am liking the way this feels.

I love the toys daddy bought me.

I am all in, and I think I like it.

Oh yeah I LOVE it!

I am having a ball!

I love watching what the boys are doing.

Did they make this trench for me?

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