Wednesday, July 28, 2010

His and Hers

I don't know maybe it's because Hannah is sleeping through the night? Or maybe it's because it's summer? Or maybe it's all the talk of my sister's upcoming wedding? Or maybe just maybe after almost 11 years of marriage we do still do....but love is in the air. The other day Peter brought me home some beautiful flowers. They are bright, fun, and cheery. I'd much rather have a bouquet like this than roses, after all my favorite "flower" is a dandelion. I was so happy with his random act of showing love I decided to return it with a huge homemade whoopie pie (which by the way I told him he couldn't eat because they are for the bake sale) So tonight when he gets home from work instead of a bouquet of flowers he will have a delicious whoopie pie. His and Hers...both say "I love you" And since Peter will read this before he gets won't be a surprise =)

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