Thursday, March 31, 2011

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah and Hannah

It's really spring! It's such a great time of year...everything is starting to bloom, the sun is out, the days are longer. I love it. The kids and I have had so much fun getting out of the house. There's still lots of stuff to be done inside but we are trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Hannah had her first playdate. It was a friend just for her. I didn't expect much but to my suprise the two sweet little girls played and interacted wonderfully together. They enjoyed eachother's company.

This week the boys studied the second half of their unit on sound. We focused on resonance. We had so much fun with the experiments this week. They all had a common theme...annoying sounds that the boys loved and mom made them take outside. Get your hands on this $3.99's violin rosin When you rub it on some cotton string...and then pinch and run your fingers up the string it makes a really annoying sound.
Add a cup to the end of it and the sound get nice and loud.
The classic can and string telephone.

These little contraptions made a wizzing buzzing sound when they whipped them around their heads.
Elijah said "it sounds so much like a bee I think it's going to attract real bees".
Elijah finished studying Ancient China. He made a Chinese dragon. He loved this.
Came out so good, Elijah!
Here are some videos so you can hear the fun sounds we made. The first one is the string with the violin resin on it. And the second one is a balloon with a hex nut inside.

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