Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

The last day of Fle's visit we took the kids to the Woodland Park Zoo. We had never been and I had heard great things. So the weather looked pretty sketchy, dark clouds and rain. But we decided to go anyway. It rained the whole way down and as we drove into Seattle, it was POURING. We decided to get some lunch at the zoo and see if it let up a bit. And it did! Right after lunch the sky seemed lighter and it wasn't raining.

The gorilla's were by far my favorite. Look at this awesome picture of Isaiah and his little buddy. They were busy eating so didn't pay us too much mind.

My three amazing kids! Can you believe I have THREE kids. I am so blessed.

Hannah Banana loved walking the zoo. She loved the puddles and the water.

Two turtle boys!

The boys absolutely loved it. We plan on going back this summer.

Hannah started off with two pigtails, but somewhere lost one...she's still cute.

Me and my kiddos!

Fle and the kids.

The giraffe! Awesome! and bellow the baby gorilla that I LOVED.

And to end the zoo trip I dropped my camera and broke it. The lens won't open anymore. AUGH!
While we were in the gift shop our last stop before we left, it began to thunder lightening and HAILing! YES HAIL...we timed it just right.

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