Monday, March 14, 2011

Road Trip Part 1 Seattle to Port Angeles

The next few posts will be about the adventure I had with my friend Felecia when she came out to visit. She is a HUGE Twilight fan. So we decided to do a little pilgrimage to Forks, Wa, the home of the books. I had seen the movies but had not read the books. I liked the movies well enough but wasn't big a fan as Felecia. She along with some other friends encouraged me to read the books. I did and I must say I did enjoy them quite a bit. They are by far better than the movies. So after reading the books I was much more jazzed to go on our Forks, WA adventure.

If you know me at all you know things never go as smoothly as I plan. So for the purposes of this blog all mishaps will be highlighted in red. And I will keep a runny tally of them all. There are many! They will add to your ready pleasure, believe me!

So let's begin.....

I have a friend named Dustee, who is also a "Twilighter" and I had mentioned to her my big trip I had planned. She informed me that her and her co-works had a cut out of Edward (one of the characters in the series) and that she would be happy to let me borrow him for the trip. I accepted! I thought it would be a hoot to have him pick up Fle at Sea-Tac airport. So many people stopped and asked if they could take his picture even before she came off the plane. She finally did and her reaction was exactly what I wanted. She loved it! Now I myself am on team Jacob, but I endured Edward for this trip. =)
Enter our first snag....leaving the airport I couldn't find my parking ticket. I must have dropped it somewhere. Their stupid policy is if you loose your ticket you have to pay for a full day....$28. I was there for 1 hour. So what could we do? We had to pay the $28. NOT happy.(#1)

From Seattle we drove to Port Angeles.We had our gps guiding us. But the gps did not take us the way I had map quested us at home. When we reached Edmonds WA the gps was telling us to get on a Ferry. It literally guided us right on to the ramp. We sort of freaked out because we didn't know how the ferry worked or what times the ferry left. So we went to the ticket booth and found out yes, the best way to Port Angeles, was to hoop on this ferry. Luckily the ferry runs all day and night every half hour or so. So we bought a ticket and away we went. Not too big of a mishap, but it rocked our little world at the time.(#2)
We made it to Port Angeles without further incident. And that is where all of these pictures were taken.

Here's Fle on the waterfront early in the morning. Literally we had sun for the morning and then that was all. It was really beautiful.

Some very nice passerby took this great shot of us. I love the water in the background.

We headed out for breakfast....and we had A BREAKFAST. We ate a place called The Cafe Garden.

It was amazing. I had the eggs, spinach, mushroom, and cheese, and Felecia had a Berry French toast. There was so much food we could barely stand it. Our server was cute as a button and it was the perfect start to our next adventure....driving to FORKS!

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Legume said...

Oh, what a hoot! You are a great friend. For the record, Team Edward here. There was never any other choice as far as I was concerned. ;)