Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Road Trip part #2 Port Angeles to Forks

The drive it to Forks was...amazing! It was raining, of course but there were breaks of blue sky and sun and that combination made for some breathtaking rainbows. We have never seen so many rainbows in one day. And the rainbows themselves were so vibrant, the colors were so vivid. I think we saw 5 different ones. We laughed because we couldn't drive 10 miles without pulling over to look at another one. It was truly spectacular.

This one was the brightest. The purple in this rainbow was the brightest purple we had ever seen.

This rainbow was over Crescent lake. This part of the drive was so beautiful, if we did nothing else in Forks this view would have been worth the drive.

So I was recapping in my mind from the rainbows on, nothing went wrong the rest of this day. It was pure FUN! It was everything we wanted it to be. Visiting Forks, the home of the Twilight Saga books is a must for anyone who has read them. I read all of them in 2 weeks before FELICIA came out. So I was ready to experience it all. Forks is definitely a little hole in the wall town. It reminded me of MANY Maine towns. I can't imagine what it was before Twilight.

If you have never read the books or seen any of the movies the next pictures won't mean much to you, but for those of you who have, you'll enjoy it!

The first thing we did when we drove into Forks was to pull over and take a picture of the town signs. These are in the movie so you might recognize them.

While we were pulled off to take pictures of the signs a school bus for the Reservation drove by....Jacob's bus.
The Forks Population sign.....more people in Forks than in Topsfield Maine!

"Forks Welcomes US"

From there we drove into "town" to the Dazzled by Twilight store. This place was insane. Seriously everything you could think of with Twilight on it. It was really something to see. It went way beyond key chains and tshirts. We had a blast looking around and being silly.
Here I am as Bella! Of course I never would have chosen Edward but that's ok.
From there we took a tour of Forks by the Twilight Tours in Forks.

This tour was worth every penny, and I would totally do it again. Our tour guide Travis was....pure awesomeness. He knew his stuff and he has the best sense of humor that just made the trip so much more than just "Hey look there's that" He had us laughing the whole time. The other part of the tour that was awesome was his knowledge of the Quileute tribe. Travis knew so much and it was really pleasant unexpected bonus to have him teach us so much. Like for instance do you know what Jacob whispers to Bella in the Quileute language? Lots of people think he said "I love you" but what he said was "stay with me forever" AH! So the tour took as all around Forks, and to La Push.

Charlie's work...Forks Police Department.

The Cullen's House....you can't see it but Edward is up in the window.

Our WICKED awesome tour guide Travis, was just excited to take the tour with us!

Bella's Truck

In the Forks Chamber of Commerce it's all things Twilight. There are posters, and cutouts everywhere. Then there are two maps, US and international. They encourage you to place a push pin where you are from. For a tiny little town way out in the middle of no where there sure are a lot of push pins.

The Swan residence

So this picture has nothing to do with Twilight, but it's a hoot! Travis got a kick out of pointed this anomaly out. It's a double stop sign. We don't know why or what you are suppose to do when you get to it. Do you stop once or twice? Travis said he was sure it was traffic trap. That some cop was just watching to see if you messed it up.

Dr. Cullen's parking spot at the hospital...and in case he forgot his name there is a picture to remind him.

Ah finally out of Vampire land...time to move on to JACOB territory. Here's Jacob's house. Out of all the site we visited they all not like the ones in the movies but rather the books, but this one is spot on with both.

Being Team Jacob I couldn't resist kissing the Black mailbox. Travis said that was the first kiss he had seen the mailbox receive. It was a very cute mailbox.

At the treaty line there is a little store that has this sign outside. I of course put the Vampire threat a LOW.

La Push and second Beach was amazing. Our whole day was covered with clouds and rain, but it was breathtaking regardless. I would love to come back and see it with the sun out. The waves were massive and loud. There were huge piece of driftwood everywhere and the rocks on the shore were unique and plentiful. I think we could have stayed there all day. Our tour companions were from California so they didn't stay out long, it was too cold. But us Mainers were right at home and enjoyed every second of it.

After the tour we headed back to our hotel, the Pacific Inn
Being in Forks we couldn't have an plain room....we opted for the Twilight Room. It was FUN! We got sandwiches and watched Twilight and New Moon in the room.


kelizzle said...

It looks like you had tons of fun. I watched the movies didn't read the books. Hard choice Team Edward or Team Jacob, looks wise I say Edward but being a dog fan it's a hard choice. lol

Legume said...

Fun, Fun, Fun...that is all I can say. Oh, and wish I was there. That would have been a blast.