Saturday, April 26, 2008

Petco Field Trip

We had such a great time at our Petco field trip. We went with a group of other home school families. The kids were so wonderful and they were all so well behaved. They learned a lot about the different animals that Petco carries. They learned about their habitats, special traits, what the eat, and how they care for their young. The boys and I decided if we could have another pet we would want the chinchilla. It was so cute. But the boys each have a kitty and that's about all the fur we can handle for now.

I did want to share this little story about our day to give praise to God for it. I get migraine headaches every so often. When I get them I am pretty much down for the count. I need to be in bed, in a dark room, and I need to sleep. They sometimes get so bad that I get physically sick. I know I am about to get one because my vision will go blurry. It sort of looks like water is running down the side of my eye. So anyway we were at the Hallmark store just prior to our Petco trip and my vision became very blurry. We had looked forward to this day for over a month and I was worried that we might have to cut the day short. I was also worried how bad it might get and how I would get us all home (we were about an hour and half away from home) I called a sister in the Lord and had her pray for me. Then another sister prayed for me right in the middle of the mall. Within 45 min when I usually would be in serious pain, I felt nothing. I had a little pressure in the front of my head and then even that was gone. By the time we got to Petco I was 100% and never experience a migraine. I know that the Lord healed me. I am not so much amazed at that, because I know He is powerful, but what touched me even more was how much He cares for ME. He knew how much I wanted this day to go well and He just stepped in as a loving Father and took care of His daughter.

Here are some pics from Petco

Polly want a cracker?

Lizard way was I touching that

Elijah's hand and all the gold fish

Isaiah checking out the birds

The kids checking out...hmmm

not sure what this little fur ball


Isaiah looking on at the mouse

He did not want to hold it!

Elijah petting the ferret

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