Monday, December 1, 2008

Deck The Halls or at least the Tree!

We set up and decorated the tree tonight. Woah what a project but worth it. I love pulling out the box of ornaments. I can remember each one, who gave it to us, why I bought it, what year, what our lives were like then. Isaiah liked the one with a picture of him at 3 months, and Elijah liked the one of the pregnant bear that my friend Jen got me when I was very pregnant with Elijah. My favorite is a handmade snowman that our friend Julie made and wrote on the back "Pete and Bethany First Christmas 1999.
Daddy putting on the star on the top of the tree.
The Pellerin men trimming the tree.

Elijah doing his very best to secure the ornaments so our cats won't pull them off.

Isaiah deciding just where to put his ornament.

Peter insisted on tying the tree secure to one the beams. I wasn't happy about that at first but you can't really see it all decorated. Plus I will be very happy when the tree isn't lying on the floor because of our naughty cats!

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