Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks Mommy

I have the most thoughtful mom! I have always admired how my mom always goes above and beyond. Not only is she a mom to 7 children and a grandmother to 6 but she always makes each and everyone of us feel like we are the most important to her.(Her heart is big enough for us all) I have so many memories of my mom doing extra special things for me. I remember many times coming home from school and my room was completely clean, and decorated so cute. I remember having special birthday dinners with the family. She especially does a special job in the gift giving department. Her gifts are given with great thought and care. This year I really wanted a new Nativity scene. That's one of those things you want to buy yourself but you just can't justify it when you have so many others to buy for. I know I mentioned it to Peter when I was unwrapping Christmas decorations, but I don't think I mentioned it to my mom. But as usual Mom always knows. I got this new Nativity in the mail today with the most thoughtful card. It's so beautiful! I love it! Thanks Mommy I love you!

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sarasusen said...

Yes, you do have a great mommy :-)