Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Visit

We went to my family's for a visit this weekend. We had a such a great time. We took the kids to see the new movie "BOLT". I really enjoyed it because I am after all a little girl trapped inside a grown-up's body. It was really funny and the little gerbil in the plastic ball is worth the price of admission. We had a big family dinner with mom's famous "Lasagna" bake.

This is my adorable and sweet niece, Alannah!

My sister Mary and of course BUBBY!

The gang is almost all here, my dad had to work =(

The cousins at the kid table, Taylor, Isaiah, Elijah and Alannah

The little man..."baby Miguel" he's a ham!

These are two of my younger brothers Jonathan and Michael

Me and my Mommy! I just love her so much!

This was one of the boys favorite parts of the visit...wrestling with uncle Mike. He let them really punch him and jump on him and be complete boys. Of couse Taylor was in on the mix!


It'sSteph said...

I've never seen pictures of your two younger brothers, except Andrew! Cool! And what did you do to your hair? I like it! Oh yeah... cute blog too!

Bethany said...

I made it a point to get a few pictures of Michael and Jonathan. Michael is 2 years younger and Jonathan 3. They are very hard to get pictures of..muh ha ha I did it. Oh the sister had this funky curling iron. I loved it so much she gave it to me!!