Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Field Trip to Pioneer Park

Today we were taken back in time to the Pioneer Days of the Pacific Northwest. This was really exciting for us because we don't know too much about this area or it's rich history. The park is basically 11 log cabins that were built here in Whatcom County build by the Pioneers. They have all been carefully moved to this central location for us to enjoy. Check out this website for more awesome info. Pioneer Park

God was good to us...yet again with the weather. To the right of us the clouds looked dark and promising rain. But over Pioneer Park there were blue skies with beautiful white clouds with the promising sun.

The kids were taken into a few of the cabins with volunteers portraying those who lived back in the early 1900's. They were so nice to us and the kids learned so much.

The entrance.
The boys learned what a days work was like for boys their ages. They would plow the land and plant.
Cut fire wood.

Split wood for roof shingles.

The post office was fun. Here is a mail carriage.

Working the machine that marked the mail.

Having fun outside the school house.

Inside the school house.

Using the chalkboards.

Using ink to practice their penmanship.

The Granary.

Elijah working hard at grinding the corn.

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