Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day first to my Mom. This is a very hard Mother's Day for my mom, having just lost her mom. I know her loss is huge. I can't even put it into words.
But today I first celebrate my Mom.

Mom,because YOU are to me what Your Mom was to you. The one I want to call first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee. The one who loves to hear me brag on and on about my three kids. The one who understands when I just need to cry for what seems no reason at all. The one who would get on a plane and travel 3000 miles to be with me after I had my own daughter. The one who no matter how old I get, is the one who knows how to comfort me with stroking my hair and whispering "it's ok". Someone reminded me today when I mentioned how badly I wish I could be with you on mother's day..."Be thankful that you have that kind of relationship, because these days it's rare" I am so thankful. I am so blessed. I am so honored to call you mom. After Gram passed I thought "Let me be the daughter that my mom was to her" because you were such an amazing blessing to Gram. You loved her so much. You said it, you meant it, and you showed it. You have given me an example to follow. Mom I love you.

I next want to celebrate the three little ones that have made me a mom. I am far from the perfect mom. I could fill a blog with all my short comings. But I love my kids. I love being their mom. They have enriched my life with sticky fingers, big smiles, cuddles and kisses. First Isaiah who came as we celebrated our one year anniversary. We always say he was truly God's anniversary gift to us. After Isaiah I said "no more babies" I didn't think I could do it. But then I just knew it was time and so thankful for that change of heart because God gave us Elijah. He has been a joy from the moment we found out we were pregnant. Two amazing sons who have opened my eyes to the world of boys! After Elijah I said again "no more babies" and this time I meant it, or so I thought. But there was a tug on my heart for another...maybe even a girl. So after much prayer and begging, we were blessed to welcome our little daughter Hannah. God knew just the right time to give her to me. She has brought my heart so much comfort in this season of my life. I've learned my lesson and I am not saying "no more babies" so who knows.
Happy Mother's Day

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