Monday, May 17, 2010

Mt Baker Theater

One of the benefits of moving to a place that you've never been before is being able to enjoy all the local attractions for the first time. One of those is the Mt.Baker Theater in Bellingham. A perk of being a homeschooler is being able to take some pretty awesome filed trips to these places in a more intimate setting. We got a very behind the scenes look at the Mt Baker Theater on Friday. I didn't know how the boys would like this field trip since they've never really shown an interest in theater. But to my pleasant surprise they loved it. They loved hearing the stories of they hay day of the theater and about what goes on today. Beth and Bonnie our tour guides. They volunteer and know a lot about the theater.
Looks can be deceiving. This isn't wood. It's actually concrete that is painted like wood. It was done this way to resist fire and earthquakes.

All the furniture is original to the theater.The pieces were very elaborate.

All the name tags for the workers at the MBT.

We were there for a rare appearance of the original organ. It is stored beneath the stage. It was used during the silent picture era and the organist would play music and sound effects to go along with the picture. Ha that's a far cry from our Avatar like movies today.

The ceiling in the theater. You can actually walk around the purple section. Although Bonnie said they don't allow anyone to do that anymore back in the day it was an added attraction to the theater to take a walk around. Since it's suspended from the ceiling if you did take a walk it would sway.

This is inside the projector room. One of the things the boys got a kick out of is that there was a toilet and sink as soon as you walked in. It was there for a very important reason. The person running the projector would be locked in from the outside. They did this to ensure he never left the projector room. They would get very hot and sometimes catch on fire, so he would be there to put it out if that happened. You can't very well lock a man in a room without providing the proper facilities hence the toilet in the projector room.

Much of the theater has been added on to and updated. Like this room were the performers get ready for the show. LIGHTS!

We were treated to some wonderful organ playing. This gentleman played a typical chase scene from a silent movie and other fun sound effects, all made with the organ. It was very impressive.

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