Friday, May 21, 2010

Up Up and Away

We had to go a long way for our most recent field trip. No I am just kidding. We went to the Lynden airport which happens to be right behind our new place. Our group met at our house and walked on over. It's a small airport, a few hangers and a mile long take off/landing strip. The gentlemen who showed us around we so nice to us and really gave the kids a fun and memorable time. Welcoming the group to the airport and explaining the different types of planes the kids would see.
Mostly all the planes here were built by their pilots. Sort of like model airplanes for grown ups.

Elijah under the wing.

They allowed the kids to sit in the plane. What a treat! Here is Isaiah all smiles.

Elijah was the most excited.

The control panel of one of the newer planes.

Checking out the inside of the red plane.

Elijah checking out the red plane. He literally asked what every button did. The owner thought he was just great.

The group with our tour guides.